Music, poetry and Brazilian culture

Hello!... My name is Geraldo Magela Pereira, and I am Brazilian, and so is everything you will be able to find on this page. Well, almost everything. I like to play piano, and sometimes I try composing some songs. I am not a very famous composer any way, otherwise you would have heard about me, of course. But I did not make this page to talk about me, or my hobbies. This page is a modest, small and simple tribute to the Brazilian musical culture. Here you will be able to find a lot of midi files containing songs that are part of the Brazilian folklore. Some of then are very old, probably older than you, and even me (Hey, I am not that old :). And I also believe that some of these songs you will hardly find on another sites; so, enjoy the opportunity: you can freely download all the songs of this page.

The songs are divided by their style. Some of these styles are genuinely Brazilian, and others come from other countries, but are part of the Brazilian tradition since long ago. Actually, I have put here some international songs, that have nothing to do with my country, but I found then so beautiful... I could not miss the chance to pay a tribute to their authors and singers.

Only this page is written in English, so, if you want to navigate across the remainder of this site, you should know that bolero is the same as beguine, valsa is the translation of waltz, and n˙pcias is more or less the same as marriage; that is to say, "m˙sicas para casamento" are actually wedding music. The other pages can be described as follows:

I sincerely hope you enjoy my home page. You can take anything you find here, for your enjoyment, or simply for your curiosity. As a final remark, I really enjoy receiving mails from other people; therefore, if you want, please, write to me, and tell me what are your impressions about my page and songs.